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    About us

    Tales of Fur is a brand and a community created by animal lovers for the wellbeing of our furry customers. 

    All our products are conceptualized, researched, designed and tested in our hometown - Bangalore, India. This is what makes us so trustworthy! We are always involved in every stage and closely monitor all aspects. Leaving no stone unturned and giving nothing but the best to our customers is what we strongly believe in.

    Wellness & grooming can be complicated. So we are here to do the heavy-lifting to make it simple for you. You needed, and we needed, pet-products made from ingredients that make us feel 100% comfortable! We needed to know the origin of our ingredients and create products that tackle specific concerns.  And that’s exactly what we did. As a homegrown brand, we know exactly what goes into each of our products. This gives us the confidence to create safe and effective products that you can trust too!

    Tales of Fur is made by modern pet-owners for modern pets.