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    How do I keep my pet’s eyes and ears dry when washing?

    Be careful of ears and eyes when washing your furry friend. It’s best to keep your pet’s eyes and ears as dry as possible when washing. Use a large wad of cotton wool for the ears ensuring you remove all cotton wool from the ears after washing. Avoid getting any product in the eyes of the animal. If you do, rinse the eye thoroughly with cool, clean water.

    How do essential oils benefit pet care?

    Essential oils are natural extracts that extend many wonderful benefits for pet skin. They also exhibit healing properties when used with proper care. TOF uses many essential oils apart from body deodorization during bathing. These products are designed for topical use only.

    How do I prepare the bath for my pet?

    Have the bath half filled with like warm water, keep cotton balls handy incase shampoos/conditioners run close to the ears or eyes. Keep the shampoo, conditioner, towel, and grooming brush within reach. If washing in a bath tub, it’s a great idea to place a rubber mat on the bottom to prevent your pet from slipping. 

    How do I best wash my pet?

    After you have prepared your pets coat, eyes and ears for bath time your pet is ready to get wet. Keep your pet calm by holding them gently, but firmly to ensure they feel secure. Wet the coat thoroughly from their head down with lukewarm water. Apply a moderate amount of shampoo along the back and chest of your pet, rubbing shampoo evenly down the legs and tail as well. Once shampoo has lightly lathered, cover area around the head and neck as required, take special care not to get water or shampoo near the eyes and ears of the pet. Massage shampoo well into coat, before rinsing shampoo from coat thoroughly. Follow the same with conditioner.

    What can I use for my dog’s dry coat after shampooing?

    Just like human hair, it’s always a great idea to condition your pets coat after shampooing. This will moisturize your dog’s coat, hydrating it after shampooing. TOF conditioners are great for this and will moisturize the coat after a wash and will eliminate any matted knots and tangles present after shampooing. Try out the No More Tears conditioner.

    Why does my pet need coat conditioner?

    It’s always a good idea to condition your pets coats to nourish dry coats, providing a tangle-free, shiny finish after a wash. TOF conditioners are perfect for adding moisture and softness to the coat after a wash and will remove stubborn knots and tangles as well making brushing your pet’s coat a lot easier. Apply conditioner after shampooing along the back and neck of the pet and rub into area of legs and tail. Allow to stand for a 1-2 minutes before rinsing the conditioner out of the coat.

    How can I freshen up my dog’s coat in between washes?

    Washing your dog and cat is important, but sometimes it is too cold or you are running out of time. We recommend using TOFs specially formulated deodorants and sprays to keep your pet smelling fresh and clean. The deodorants can also be used on pet bedding, fabric, furniture and car interiors and all other areas your pet may roam.

    How can I make bath time better for my pet?

    If your pet is not enjoying bath time, there are a few things you can try to make it better. If your pet gets wide-eyed and anxious when the water hits, try slowly massaging your dog along the spine with gentle motions to make him feel well cared for and relaxed. You can even try starting with sponge baths and introducing water slowly and gradually.